Who am I ?

Khloe, born September 28th 1992 so I am a Libra , and I'm in balance, I do not like it, but it's like that!
I love cookies so light (yes…yes its true light cookies they do exist)
I have the phobia of flying insects; I am able to leave the table of a restaurant screaming to the outside if they come near me!
I have a beautiful dressing room, very well filled with beautiful clothes, because I like the latest trend.
I have my nails done almost weekly, and they must be perfect.
I do not subscribe to any magazine; I buy one in 30 seconds when I fly.
I watch very little TV, only if it concerns fashion, hip hop music or a good American movie.
I put as much time to make up as to remove make-up, very important for the epidermis!
I spend about 5 hours a day on my iPhone; I do not neglect anything or anyone, it's part of my job. So I do not have the time or patience to read it's a shame!
I often go to the gym but it's never enough.
I occupy the bathroom a lot to take care of myself, beauty, exfoliation, massage, make-up and I love it! It's also part of my job.
Ah yes! I have a little cat, not cuddly at all and it makes me upset.
In short, those who know me will recognise me but that's not all ...

Khloe's Sizes & Measurements

Hauteur/Height: 1M75 5,7
Poitrine/Chest: 95 37
Taille/Cut: 70 27
Hanches/Hips: 97 38
Pointure/Shoe: Size 39 5
Poids/Weight: 59 130 LBS


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